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Nos épices
Our creations at the Gastronomic Week of St Barth :
Cordon Bleu "L'Antillais St Barth"
Cordon Bleu L'Antillais St BarthSpecial creation during the gastronomic week of St Barth,

Suggestion : the n°1 for seasoning your salads, vegetables, rice or potatoes, 1 spoon to add in your ready made vinaigrette to keep in the fridge…
Cordon Bleu Viande/Meat
Cordon Bleu Viande/MeatSpecial creation during the gastronomic week of St Barth

Suggestion : the n°1 for seasoning all meats or barbecue preparations.
Cordon Bleu Poisson/Fish
Cordon Bleu PoissonSpecial creation during the gastronomic week of St Barth.

Suggestion : the n°1 for seasoning all fishes, shrimps, lobsters, seafoods… or barbecue preparations.
BBQ St Barth
BBQ St BarthSpecial creation during the gastronomic week of St Barth.

Suggestion : the n°1 for barbecue, less spicy than the Cordon Bleu Meat.
Our Specialities :
Colombo Creole & Massale des îles
BBQ St BarthOur delicious recipe of the island .

Suggestion : to prepare a stew with vegetables and meat or fish.
5 Parfums des Antilles
BBQ St BarthOur delicious 5 spices parfums of the islands

Suggestion : to prepare the fish or lamb or add for stew.
Specialities of the World
BBQ St BarthSpecial Thaï, Special Mexique, Special Paella safran, Raz el Hanout….

Hot sauce Chaleur des îles
BBQ St BarthCaribbean specialty if you like "hot" seasoning

BBQ St BarthMix 1 spoon with a good and smooth avocado, lemon, olive oil and it's ready

Suggestion : add to your preparations of vegetables, rice, potatoes, chicken….…
Pain d'épices St Barth
BBQ St BarthFor a preparation of all cakes, muffins or fruits salad, vanilla cream…
Special Pasta Antillais
BBQ St BarthFor a good pasta party preparation, fresh pasta salad……
Curry Madras and Strong
BBQ St Barth Suggestion : Fish, shellfishes, meats, vegetables, rice.
Salmon or fishes, in the coconut milk or cream for sauce, Sea bream in dices in the curry, the soup and rice.

Health : Effective against insomnia and constipation, voucher for ballonnements, badly of intestinal and renal liver, disorder, help the persons to the diet(regime) to lose weight, in prevention against the cancer of the oesophagus.
Roucou des îles
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : The Roucou or rocou was used in the kitchen to give the red coloration, especially in a bottle of virgen oil (not olive) with herbs to get a red bottle of oil, also in the soup of fishes...

Health : The Roucou or rocou was used by the Caraibbean indians for a natural sunprotection.
Graines à roussir Antillais
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : special Caribbean recipe in the vegetables, rice or soup, it will give a natural curry sauce with the crunchy of the mustard beads and the cumin will finish the taste!...
Cheveux du diable
BBQ St BarthHairs of smoked big hot pepper, cut very tiny....

Suggestion : On your eggs, bacon, potatoes, decoration as a safran....nice and original to taste!
Our Sugars :
BBQ St BarthNatural Sweetening 0 Calories!
1 stevia=6 times the value of the sugar...

Suggestion : Ease bitter herb teas, cakes, muffins, fruits salads....

Health : Blood pressure, diabetes, good for the immune systems, the contribution in minerals and vitamins.
Blue coco sugar
BBQ St BarthNatural blue coconut sugar cane of the island.

Suggestion : To add with your fruits salad, the yogurt and for the decorations of your glass or cakes.
Vanilia brown sugar cane
BBQ St BarthA brown typical sugar cane of the island with pure extract of vanilla.
Our Salts :
Fleur de sel "Blue Lagoon St Barth"
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP with blue flowers.

Suggestion : a nature salt to use as a normal salt on all dishes and best to put after cooking.
Fleur de sel Garlic
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP with salvage garlic and herbs, red peppers of the islands.

Suggestion : To use on meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes…, and best to put after cooking.
Fleur de sel hot pepper of the island
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP with a selection of hot peppers.

Suggestion : As a replacement of your usual salt to liven your meats and fish, salads, pasta, potatoes, and best to put after cooking.
Fleur de sel special meat
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP with a selection of spices and herbs for meats.

Suggestion : As a replacement of your usual salt to liven your meats, and best to put after cooking.
Fleur de sel special fish
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP with a selection of spices and herbs for fishes.

Suggestion : As a replacement of your usual salt to liven your fishes, and best to put after cooking.
Fleur de sel BBQ St Barth
BBQ St BarthThe flower of the salt AOP will blend ideally with your grilled fishes or meats.
Nos Epices (Alphabéthique) :
BBQ St Barth Slightly aniseed smell of our local St Barth thyme, the substitute of the thyme.

Suggestion : Vegetarian dishes, rice, potatoes, salmon, lam.

Health : Infusion in seeds: against the cough and the throat pains, the liver and in cataplasms against the rheumatisms and the asthmas. Gastric problems you can eat some seeds after diner.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : cake store(pastry), candy(candy store), liqueur, rice and poultry, gingerbread.

Health : Diuretic and stimulating, expel intestinal gases, sedative, in infusion against ballonnements, favor the feeding (with the fennel), favor the salivary secretion.

Suggestion : Cakes, pancakes (infused in the milk) crustacean, foie gras, soup, meat, blanquette of veal of the tarragon and badiane, jam, salad of orange. Carpaccio of zucchinis and shrimps.

Health : Drink, mulled wines in spices Calm down the stomach, rebalances the disordered intestinal fibers, facilitates the digestion. In infusion: delete(eliminate) ballonnements and decreases gases.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Harms(Serves), salty flavored, flat teas, Curry of ageau, flavored coffee(café), hot chocolate, cakes...

Health : Strengthen the stomach the heart and the brain, stimulating of the appetite. Help(Assistant) to the digestion, the nausea and the vomits, against diarrheas. Stimulate the blood circulation. Well for the diabetes.
Cardamom green
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : spiced dishes Curry, Rice, all stew with meat and vegetables, dessert and tea or infusion Slightly camphorated with point(headland) of pepper and lemon Curry and Massala, Hot chocolate, poached pear, gingerbread, salad of fruit, cake, ice(mirror,ice cream).

Health : Stimulating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, refreshes the breath.
BBQ St BarthRefreshing aniseed lemony note falls then becomes blurred

Suggestion : Meats, Couscous.

Health : Stimulant, vermifuge and refreshes the breath
BBQ St Barth Suggestion : meat and soup, blanquette of veal couscous has supper in the pesto Favor the rest and the sleep.

Health : Antioxidant Good diuretic for the renal and urinary system (cystitis infusion of seeds) Bronchitis, arthritis, drop(gout). Remineralizing.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Perfumes oil, tarts, soups, vegetables, meats, fishes, eggs.

Health : Dilate the blood vessels, rich in vitamin C, very well relieving congestion, tonic and painkiller. Well for the diseases cardiovascular, protect cancers and diseases bound(connected) to the ageing.
Clove nail
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : jam, dishes meat fish, gingerbread, Blanquette of veal, couscous, rice in Indian spices, lamb curry.

Health : Against the rabies(fury) of teeth, tonics, intestinal disorders(confusions), in infusion against the asthma.
Cocoa Beans (charms)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Candy (Candy store), cake store (pastry), Marble cake coconut(coke), foam(moss) perfumed in the cinnamon.

Health : Against the bad Cholesterol ( LDL), against the constipation, the anti-stress, the diuretic.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : In the fruits salads, chicken, cakes, yogurt…

Health : Rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphor, copper and zinc.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Rice, Curry sauce, in the coconut milk, the thirst-quenching drink,tea. Fish, meat, pâté, cauliflower … Ecological flavor(perfume) . Aroma citronella, ginger and coriander.

Health : Antibacterial, antiseptic, tonic, digestive, painkiller, sedative.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : salad, soup, sauté, piquant sauce, shellfishes, fishes, meat, can of food of the vinegar, the bread and the cakes.Sauerkraut, goat(tackle) in spices, earthenware cooking pot(meat stew) of chicken, soup of Asia, braised stuffed cabbage.

Health : Well for the digestive, stimulating and tonic system, the cataplasms of seed for rheumatisms and voucher for haemorrhoids.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : meats, rices, vegetables Balls of lenses, balls veau+agneau, scrambled eggs, grilled pork(pig), flavored rice. Returns cabbages, beans(charms) and the digestive vegetables (put at the end of cooking).

Health : Stimulant, against the digestive disorders(confusions) stomach pains and ballonnements.
Curcuma / Turmeric
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Saffron of the islands: meats, fishes, curry, sauces … Salad of rice in the lawyer(avocado), the roast veal, the lamb curry. .

Health : Tonic, Stimulating, anti-inflammatory (against the rheumatisms), disease of the liver, antioxidant in prevention against the breast cancer, the role of the fight(wrestling) against Alzheimer, against the cholesterol, problem of skin.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : fish, calf(veal), omelets, potato, cold sauce.

Health : Well for the hiccup, the liqueur and the fresh breath, the headache, the cough of the children, maintains the heat and the energy of the body, brings intense one vitality.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Salad, soup, braised vegetables, fishes, goat cheese, lam Curry for seafoods, fishes and vegetables in the Provençal.

Health : Stimulating, diuretic, digestive. Calm down the cramps and made cross(spend) stomach pains and ballonnements. Bad breath, in infusion favors the feeding with the anise.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Taste between the celery and the curry - dish(flat) in sauce, add to your meat /fish or vegetable sauce. Make burn(blow) out seeds without fat very quickly before incorporating into the dish(flat).

Health : Antiulcerous gastric, anti inflammatory in compress, tonic general, hypotensif, stimulate the appetite, the intestinal problems, the diarrheas, the intestinal infection. Rich in vitamins trace elements and minerals by letting germinate and whole food.
Hibiscus flowers
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : A few sheets(leaves) of hibiscus in the champagne, 2 minutes for the tint(coloring), do not change the taste. Fruits salads or semola and cakes .
Bissap : boil 2mn flowers in some water with sugar vanilla, filtration and keep in your fridge this syrup, then add to your glass of champagne, wine or water

Health : Painkiller, hypotensif and laxative. Against the cough and the pharyngitises. Antioxidant.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : fishes, shellfishes, Asian soup, Curry vegetables, meats. Brochettes (Bunches) of gambas in the citronella, the sea bream in herbs.

Health : Against rheumatisms and sprains, tonic digestive
Orange blossom
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Cake store (Pastry), chicken, fishes, salad of carrots …

Health : Relieve the fatigue, favors the sleep, good for stomach pains and migraines, calms the heart, antidepressant, good rhythm for the blood circulation and the affections respiratory, reduces the nervousness of youngs and big. Tone up the skin, exercises an anti-ageing action(share) on dry and normal skins.
Pink flowers (Roses)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : couscous, earthenware cooking pot(meat stew), custard, sherbets, tea.

Health : Help (Assistant) to the difficult digestion and the intestinal, tonic, stimulating disorders(confusions). Rose water for the skin: tighten pores, firm up the skin and well for irritation of the face.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : jumped Dish (Flat), curry, soup, breads, cake store(pastry), crustacean, fish, meat, pastas, terrine.

Health : Decrease pains of the arthritis, tones up, revitalizes, facilitates the digestion, Voucher for rums, headaches, bronchitis, pharyngitis. Stomach pains, nausea and vomits, help the pregnant woman. Antioxidant and anti-cancer, finally famous for his(her,its) aphrodisiac power.
Juniper berry (Genièvre)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Brandy, meat smoke, game, sauerkraut, pâté, terrine, jar on the fire(light)

Health : Digestive problems and rheumatisms, gastric acidity, cramps, bladder stones, bad breath, in crushed decoction: well for the troubles of loins and bladder, rheumatisms, arthritis, oedema, rich in mineral salts.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Infusion, vegetables, salads, pizza or pasta. Flavors dishes at the end of cooking.

Health : Antiseptic, favors the digestion, calms down the colds, calms down the nervousness.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : whole in the marinade, the curry, the fish, the meat, the vegetables, the stew, the can of gherkins, sauerkraut, vinaigrette and salads …

Health : Anti-ageing, antioxidant, digestive, contribute to thyroïdiennes hormones in their active shape, against the bronchitis, the asthma, the pneumonia in cataplasm, throat pains in gargle.Powerful anti-die to presseur, good for infection of the liver, improves the digestion.
Nutmeg (Muscade Macis)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Pâté, terrine, ready-made meal, meat lamb and pork(pig), eggs, cheese fondue,Tartiflette, raclette, béchamel, purée, soufflés.Minced meat, potato and cheese-topped dishes(A-lists), compote, crêpes(pancakes), biscuits.

Health : Anti-diarrhée, anti-nausea, digestive, painkiller but in small dose!!!
BBQ St Barth Suggestion : Bread, salad, rices, potatoes, ratatouille, fish, meat, dish(flat) in the curry.

Health : Diuretic, stimulating, against the indigestion, favor the secretion of the milk in feeding, helps to find the flexibility of the womb. Rich in amino acid, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, potassium, sodium.
Oranges barks
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : herb teas - wines – Cakes and sweets.

Health : Burn fat, calms down and calms.
BBQ St Barth Flavor (Perfume) of thyme.

Suggestion : Pizza, Pasta, Italian plates Infusion, flavors dishes at the end of cooking.

Health : Antiseptic, favors the digestion, calms down the colds, calms down the nervousness.
Poppy (Blue Poppy)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Cake store(Pastry), breads, practical joke(stuffing), sauces, soft white cheese, carri Indian, doughnut(fritter) of shrimps in the poppy, salads with cheese.

Health : Calming, Mouthwash for gargle and inflammation of the gums, dental and oral affection, in tepid(warm) compress calms down the itches and the inflammations of the skin. Well for bronchitises, trachéites and laryngitis. The Greek athletes ate it before JO(OLYMPICS). In infusion with some honey, good for the cystites and pyélites. Attention on the hay fevers and the allergies..
Hot Pepper / Piment (The hottest)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Joins to various products vegetables, cheese, meats, fishes, shells, vegetables or sauce, soup.
Astuce! To limit(ease) his(her,its) strength, soak 1h3 / 4 into some vinegar and some salt.
To stop the oral fire(light) eat a dairy product or a piece of orange or a lemon, or warm drink tea or herb tea.

Health : The majority of the virtues of the hot pepper are due to the capsainine, this molecule provokes a sensation of pain / spine. So the body frees(releases) endorphins (molecules close to some morphine), what activates(starts) a sensation to be indeed and explains the development of a dependence and a habituation to hot peppers.
Against the rheumatisms. relieving congestion, expectorating, warming, and calming. Decrease the cardiac risks, tonic. Fresh(cool) consommé, he(it) favors the digestion of starchy foods, stimulant.
Piment d'Espelette AOP (the smoothest)
BBQ St Barth Suggestion : In your diary cooking at the place of black pepper in the same quantities at the end of cooking, the organic PDO Piment d'Espelette will bring to your dishes a sensation of heat and a fruity note to give them an unique flavour
For your meat, desserts, and its surprises, especially matured cheeses or "fois gras", salads sauce.

More Information : Click here to know more and see all range of products associated.
Poivre : Mélange 6 baies du mondes
BBQ St Barth Un mélange de 6 poivres d'exception comprenant le poivre de Jamaique, le poivre vert, le poivre de sichuan, le poivre blanc d'Inde, le poivre noir Sarawak d'Indonésie, le poivre rose.

Suggestion : Parfaite utilisation sur tous les mets.
Poivre du Sichuan
BBQ St Barth Un poivre aromatisé unique en bouche légèrement citronné, il entre dans la composition du 5 parfums

Suggestion : Parfaite utilisation sur tous les mets pour parfumer un plat ou dans des desserts
Poivre Vert
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : en particulier utilisé dans les terrines pour sa finesse mais il peut assaisonner toutes les préparations tels que dans les plats de gibier, de canard, de volailles.
Poivre de Tellicherry
BBQ St Barth Le poivre de Tellichery provient de la côte de Malabar en Inde, plus précisément de la ville portuaire de Tellichery, c'est un des poivres les plus réputés et aussi un des plus aromatiques.

Suggestion : pour la viande et le poisson.
Jamaica Pepper
BBQ St Barth Our pepper of Caribbean and well known as the 5 parfums of Caribbean, sweet and sipcy, the real pepper to travel with you…

Pink bays (berries)/ Poivre Rose des Iles
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : fish, goat cheese, toast, on all salads, Carpaccio of mince meat, all plates of fishes. foie gras and scallop, sauces. Slightly peppered sweet flavour.

Health : In drink treat(handle) all the urinary problems.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Lamb, sheep (mutton), calf (veal), indeed raises (finds) the tomato sauce, pizza Apple of earth(ground) toasts, marinade for game.

Health : Antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-infective, antineuralgic, against the circulatory problems in friction, to burn to clean up the air(sight).
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : to soak the strand in a little water with a little alcohol raises (finds) the taste, then to add at the end of cooking to the dish (flat).
Paella, risotto, couscous, rices, cake stores(pastries) …

BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Breads, cakes, purée (make burned/blown) out seeds dry (flat broke) until they inflate and free (release) their oil) added to the purée of chickpeas and cumin ( houmos ).
Delicious condiment: seeds crushed with some salt.
Toasts heighten a dish (flat).
Salad, meat, shashimis, jumped vegetables, soup, sauces accompanying sushis

Conditionnement : Rich in calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins B6 and B1, In prevention against the cancer (especially of the colon), constipation, voucher for the cholesterol, and blood pressure, help to fight(dispute) the allergic and inflammatory reactions.
Tonka beans (charms)
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Hot chocolate, crème brûlée, mulled wines, sweets, cakes & muffins, try it on your salted preparations of rice or potatoes like a pepper. Vanilla aroma, spicy note of honey and almond, toffee.

Health : Help to fight against diarrheas, cough, knocks of cold & tired, tonic.
BBQ St BarthSuggestion : Desserts, chocolate, punch, meats whites, fishes, shellfishes.
fishes in the vanilla, the blanquette of veal, the crème brûlée, the cream vanilla, vanilla sugar, sweet cakes & muffins.
In a pot of sugar canne!

Conditionnement : Digestive and stimulating.